Friday, August 04, 2006



Our SPACEPORT in the game magazine DEVELOP.

Advert with our SPACEPORT room in DEVELOP magazine

Remember the start of modeling one of the rooms inside our spacegame...?

Concept drawing of SPACEPORT Power room

Well, now at the end of week 8 (two more to go) I have completed the modeling and texturizing, as shown below.

A parrot is printed on the lampions

The handle to power up is labeled 'Handle with Care' ;o)

The dial shows that the Station can power up far more..... TURBO POWER
[The Fleur-de-lise is an ode to my mother and her ancestors, the van der Lely's]

Although the 'lava' in the lemon is of a quite agreeable temperature.

With a green gloomy light charging the batteries with environment friendly juices.

And finally, do NOT drop your soap behind the reel. Just to let you know.

--- So far the modeling and rendering.

Then ... there is a magical tool at our disposal, called LIGHTS!

In the 3D computer environment lights can be included to 'lighten' up (or down) the scene. And that lights do count is evident from the underneath results:

Click to enlarge: Power room in the lights

Click to enlarge: Power room in the lights .. continued

Click to enlarge: Power room in the lights .. continued

That's it for today...

[will you please switch off the light on leaving]

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Doerak said...

It looks like a lemon, is it?It is just another world to understand everything! But nevertheless I hope all these work will have a very happy end!