Sunday, August 13, 2006



In August, Edinburgh (Scotland) celebrates its Film Festival.

One of this year's attractions is the screening of a film called FRITZ, by producer and fellow film student Jamie Stone (not related to Oliver Stone as far as I know).

Homepage of Fritz, the movie (courtesy Jamie Stone)

The film tells about a German Second World War Soldier, named Fritz. He has grown old, almost 90 years of age and still lives in his bunker. To him the war is still on, and his devotion to the Great Cause forces him to report nightly about his findings to headquarters from behind the enemy borders.

(whilst morse-coding)
"Schuppen, Schuppen, der Lebkuchen Mann meldet sich..."

(Eng: "Dandruff, dandruff, the Gingerbread man reports...")

This dialogue in English was sent to one of my dear friends in Berlin, Nadja Kwass-Benkow, who joint by her husband Ralph translated it into proper German and included a few recordings with their own voices. Brilliant results...

Therefore the credits in the publication below should most of all go to Nadja and Ralph.

Credits of Fritz, the movie

For additional information on this film, visit

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