Thursday, July 13, 2006



Quote of today:

"If TODAY is all we see,
then TOMORROW seems to me
is just an ILLUSION we believe."
- Zero 7

A delight to be listening to this English pop band (see for their album 'The Garden'.

Speaking of gardens, today I have been designing the SPARES ROOM of our Space station. Below you see a quick sketch of what it will look like in the game.

Click to enlarge: Spares Room - sketch

And to model it in our 3D environment I created a 'pattern' much like chicken wire... the ones you find in your garden ;o)

Chicken wire pattern

For instructions on how to do this, see this tutorial.

Which I then gave a little edge by adding shadows on it (hardly noticable, I know).

Chicken wire 3D

Next is for me to model this room in our Space station SPACEPORT, where it is used to store spare parts... and food, hopefully.

Because I have become very hungry after yet another long day in our Game room.


... returned!

Here you will see the Spares Room I modelled in our 3D program (called Maya):

Click to enlarge: Spares Room in 3D modelling program

And after import into our Game engine (called Ogre), this is the result:

Click to enlarge: Backend view of Spares room in the Game

Click to enlarge: Frontend view of the Spares room in the Game.


No worries, this is going to look much nicer still when we have painted the interior ;o)

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