Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Image, image ... on the Wall

Image, image ... on the Wall

This day the Space station of our Game SPACEPORT is about to be dressed up.

First let me explain how the station is compiled to host people and goods living in space (in ca. 2094).

This is an external picture of the model which we built using 3D software (called Maya).

Space station - exterior

Space station - exterior (x-rayed)

The entrance to new members is from the docking corridor, the funny looking tube on the side of the upper deck.

Inside the upper deck is the so-called lounge area

Docking corridor and lounge area on the space deck

The lift shaft in the center of the lounge area will bring you down to the engineering area.

Engineering area

I have been working on the interior design of one of the rooms in this area; the power supply room, indicated with the yellow battery.

After a windy brainstorm session, I opted for a lemon being the main source of (power) supply.

This is based in the fact that lemons actually do give energy, should you so want them to. (For an experiment look at Lemon Power).

Lemon Power

Proof of the lemon being the fruit with the highest voltage can be found here.

Click to enlarge: Fruit voltages taken from the science paper "The Electric Fruits" by Erica Lindstrom

Also included are energy indicators (a big dial with a Sphinx like appearance and an

ET-phone-home like pointing finger), old (maya-carvings) & new technology circuitry on the central wall, and battery chargers.

So, after the drawing of this area...

Concept drawing for Power Supply room

The adjecent Power Battery Chargers

..inspired by Maya-like cave carvings

Maya-indian cave carvings

... I continued with texturizing the central circuitry wall.

Central circuitry wall (left half is powered-ON, right half is powered-DOWN)

And after placement in the Space station, the following image showcases your first impression of the power room.

Welcome aboard!

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