Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Scottish Games

Scottish Games

Hooray, our game is featured in the online publication of Scottish Games.

Read it below:


DARE - Competition Entry - Phaigo Interactive

Click to enlarge: Steamroom with Engineer (left) and Customer Service Manager (right) onboard of SPACEPORT

Phaigo Interactive, one of the teams from this year's Dare to be Digital competition have sent a quick summary of their entry in this year's competition.

The game is called Spaceport. The team claim it is "an interactive entertainment simulation, experienced from a first-person perspective, where the drama is driven by people as much as profit." Sounds a little like a cross between an adventure game and a sim city experience, but here's a description in the team's own words:

It’s the not-so-distant future. You have just begun a new job running your very own, very unique, space station orbiting the Earth, servicing the modern day space traveller.

Success relies on co-operating with your crew to meet the needs of your customers. Problem is, your crew don’t always agree on things, so when it comes to the crunch, it’s your call.

You may laugh, you may cry. Witness the suspense, swoon to the romance, get where the action is and live the adventure as you strive to maintain the delicate balance between social, emotional and financial stability. Trade parts online, customise and extend your spaceport as your community grows!

Just to recap for those of you who haven't run into Dare before. It's a competition open to teams of students from universities. They submit a concept which is judged by a panel of industry types. Teams with successful concepts are shipped to Dundee, where they have ten weeks to take their concept through to a working prototype.

This means they're all now on Week 7.  Oh my!

It's like ten weeks of crunch time. Over the summer holidays. In Dundee.  Hardcore. Luckily the teams have some experts help from the local Scottish games companies, as well as some fairly major publishers and manufacturers...

We're running all of the diary updates from the teams in this year's Dare. Check anything tagged Dare to be Digital tag for more info on the teams, games and progress so far.


So far, so good ...

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