Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Power from the Past

Power from the Past

Power has since the start of our history been associated with the lion. The ancient Egyptians pictured the Sphinx-like lion (of Judea) in their pyramide carvings.

Akhenaton (aton = 10)

Several flags and logo's feature the lion as to appear strong and powerful.

"Cult of Aton" Red Lion on the flag of Scotland - A symbol of the sign of Leo, it refers to the royal dynasties of Egypt. The French fleur du li are incorporated probably to commemorate the arrival of the Knights Templar from France. They may also connote visitations much earlier in history.

MGM film studios

Philip Morris cigarettes

Moreover, the symbol for the Tribe of Judah is the lion, a symbol used by the royal families of Britain and found on British heraldry, incorporated into the architecture of state buildings, and emblazoned on so many corporate logos. The Lion is the symbol for the sign of Leo which, as any competent astrology buff knows, has long been connected to royalty, especially that of Egypt.

The Pharaoh's costume included a ritually worn lion's tail, and the throne of Pharaoh was styled with lion motifs. Many images show the Pharaoh's hunting lions from their royal chariots.

The cheetah and the panther were associated with the priests, but the lion was always reserved for the Pharaoh.

The lion of Africa is used as a seminal symbol by the royal houses, because of their descent from the House of David, or more correctly, from the House of Aton. [source: Cult of Aton]

And the message is past on to the young children via Tiger Power!

Kellogg's cereals

In conclusion, I knew I had to include a lion/sphinx in our SPACEPORT Power Room if it would run low on energy.

Remember the sketch of the Power Room, here it is again:


Today I have modelled the energy-dial on the Power Room's private Lion.

3D model of the Power cat ;o)

Next, I flattened its dial / face, like a piece of cloth on the table...

Flattened polygons, for so-called UV mapping

In Photoshop I then painted the colors and the pointing hand that should indicate the power-level.

Powered-down texture

Powered-up texture

After this these textures where attached to the 3D model in Maya.

Powered-down 3D model

Powered-up 3D model

And ultimately, this model was loaded into the Game engine.

SPACEPORT....Power included !

NOTE: The black & white ball is generating 'power-sounds', thanks to our team Sound-Designer Nic.

So.... yet another long day in our Game Development Competition; time to go home and re-charge ;o)

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