Thursday, July 20, 2006



It's Summer...

Time for relaxation, white beaches, blue oceans, fresh drinks (Hoowla-hoop music in the background playing).

What an excellent opportunity to... recharge ;o)


Work, you lazy Student. Work and build the Recharger for our SPACEPORT Power Room !

Alright, so that is what you meant by; recharge.

So, here we go (again)...

Starting with a (very quick) sketch.

Click to enlarge: Battery recharger - sketch

Next, the 3D model of the battery charger and 3 cradles.

Battery recharger - 3D model

Whoopy... now we start texturing the batteries !

For a general 'feel' of what our Power Room should look like, I was assisted by my team member Jason (to be more precise Su Yin, from Peking University), an Art student. He showed me underneath computer painted environment, which we both liked very much.

Click to enlarge: Concept image, suitable for our Power Room

Right... we put the bar high up for me... a beginning Photoshop Painter ;o)

Aim high... shoot low

For the rechargeable battery I painted this texture in Photoshop, with the digital brush... never running out of paint, whoopy!

Texture for rechargeable battery

And this is what it looks like when applied to the 3D model of the battery.

Texture & model united

We strive for the look of a lot of power glowing from the inside of the battery, like lava in a vulcano...


... more to follow, Picasso

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Doerak said...

It is just unbelieveble! How many ideas and work them all out.
We all can learn the details of the project which is in fact too difficult to create but nevertheless I do understand hardly everything.