Sunday, July 02, 2006

3D Paper

3D Paper

Welcome back to another exciting day in 3D (means; 3 dimensional environment... like your bathtub).

Today I will showcase a few tools which allow me to bring 3D objects from their computer worlds into our own world... as paper folded items.

The way to go is by using free software from the Internet.


Metasequoia is a free software program for 3D modeling on the computer (Windows only). It can be downloaded from the Metasequoia web site at Choose the FREEWARE version.

In the 3D view I create for the purpose of this demonstration something simple, say a box.

Willem's Red Wonder Box created in Metasequoia

Next we save this file and open it in another free software program, called PePaKuRa.


PePaKuRa is another free software program (Windows only) that allows us to convert 3D computer models into 3D paper models. It can be downloaded from the PePaKuRa web site at

After opening Willem's Red Wonder Box into PePaKura and pushing the button 'Create Development', you will see this.

Box opened in PePaKura

A nicely unfolded box ready to be printed and cut to make it into a paper model. But, oooops we lost the texture !

No worries, PePaKura let's you select the texture from its menu and hence here is the box in red.

Willem's Red Wonder Box 3D Paper Model.

For more exciting shapes that can now be made into paper models watch these examples.

Source files: download

Source files: download

Source files: download

Saori Chan's Mermaid

Source files: download

What's next?

Maybe the Edinburgh Castle ;o)

Perhaps our own SPACEPORT Game characters?

Or the inside of my computer...

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