Friday, June 23, 2006

Screw Me

Screw Me

Besides working on the characters in our game SPACEPORT, I modeled a tool for the Engineer on board this space station; a screwdriver.

This I learned from BaRToNiX (see

One shape makes up the initial handle

Eight shapes around the handle are used to sink into the handle

The difference (boolean) between the two previous pictures make the screwdriver's handle.

I make use of the 'difference' between two shape also to mold the end of the screwdriver as shown below:

Added a shaft (highlighted in blue) to the handle.

Sinking a cube into top of the edge....

...nicely shapes the difference off the edge.

Again for the bottom of the edge

Bottom part done!

This is the result!


Next Monday I will give it some color ... and screws ;o)

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