Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Family Beach

Family Beach

After two days of shooting photo's on Portobello Beach, a 20 minute bus ride away from Edinburgh, and two more days of film processing in the darkroom at the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) I proudly present the series themed 'Family Beach'.

Welcome to Portobello




Seek bone, doggy.

Broken glass




Love Story


For the close viewer (with the sharp eyes) it will be clear that most of the pictures have an element of one of my famous family members in it. Guess who? Think film actress...

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Doerak said...

So, that is a difficult story to understand! Nevertheless I look at Lotje and Audry Hepburn; mum must be your mother but I do not understand the kind of shoes. Did she have such a type in former years? But overall: nice ideas stalled on the beach! Emma