Saturday, June 17, 2006

Discovering Dundee

Discovering Dundee

Although today is a Saturday, that hasn't stopped me from working on our Space Game. I decided that I would do more research on architecture for the interior and exterior of the Space Ship. And luckely I found just what I needed; a honeycomb shaped building... appropriately named 'Centre of Discovery' (the building in the background).

The Arctic Sailing Ship Discovery and its Information Centre in Dundee

As our Game is about building new parts to the Station, we have chosen to use the honeycomb shape in the architecture of the Station.

Honeycomb shape

The advantage of this shape is that it easily lets new parts be connected to it, as shown by these examples.

Courtesy Kathy Reilly: B-cup

That said, let's have a closer look of the Information Centre:

Discovery Information Centre - honeycomb shaped

Whilst I was there I visited the ship "Discovery" as well. And I collected on film and photo a great many items that could possibly be onboard a space ship. Its a matter of translating the sea journey to the space travel.

In addition, I bought a ticket for "Sensation", the Science Museum of Dundee.

Sensation Science Museum, Dundee

... more images and ideas following, as the University Ward is about to close the computer room for today ;o)

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