Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Wheel in Your Sole



About the cooooooooolest thing I saw in the street today was this child walking ... and then rolling over the pavement.

Courtesy heelys

She literally floated over the sidewalk on her fancy sneakers (that is 'sportshoes').

Where did she found them and how does that work?

The answer is HEELYS:


Heeling = rolling on a heel on a wheel in each shoe

These roller shoes are an extremely popular, trendy, great looking trainer with an added twist. With one wheel that is hidden in each heel, you are suddenly able to skate and surprise every one.

Just push the button that is on the back of the heel, against your other foot, and the wheel pops out.

Simple. To retract the wheel, just push the button again and push down on the wheel.

The action, once mastered, is a simple gliding action. Great fun!

Release the wheels:
Release the wheel by kicking the lock button on the side of your other heel.

Or, click the lock button on the toe front of the opposite foot.

Hiding the wheels:
Press and hold the lock button against your other heel or toe and push down on your wheel.

The action is done by pushing off on one leg and balancing on your wheels with your toes raised and one leg directly in front of the other. Never have both feet side by side:

Starting out - Find your balance:
Find a railing or something to hang on to and click out your wheels.

Lift your toes up so you are balancing on your wheels.

Practice this until you feel comfortable balancing on the wheels.

Put your leading foot forward and put your weight on this foot.

Lean forward slightly and push off with your back foot.

Keep your weight on your leading wheel.

Bring your back foot directly behind the front one, keep your legs straight and glide on both wheels.


·To wheel faster, walk or run in to the wheeling motion.
· To balance better, lift the toes of your front foot higher.
· If you feel like you’re going to fall down, just put your toes down and walk out of the wheeling motion.
· When learning to wheel, be careful not to drag the back heel part of the shoe on rough ground as this will wear it out.
· Keep one foot directly infront of the other, not side by side as this will make you fall backwards.

Courtesy burtzshop

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