Friday, May 19, 2006

Steven Spielberg Jr

Hello and welcome back to... Hollywood in your Home!

I have recently completed my essay (25 pages) for the Centre of Visual and Cultural Studies about the question: Why do films fully created inside a computer not make us believe their story?

Part of the answer is cosmetics; real actors and white sand beaches just look more acceptable.

The other half is cinematographic storytelling; the art of telling a story through (moving) pictures.

If both of these limitations are lifted, we are on for making our own Hollywood productions at home on our computer! You will be say, Steven Spielberg Junior.

Have a look at the example below and see how close it comes to 'the real thing'.

End of the Fix - a film by TerrenceDC

This film is about what could happen to us if world's oil supply runs out.

The technique of filming in a game (called Machinima) is now available for all of us. Buy the Game by the name of "The Movies" - available for Windows and soon for Apple computers too - and start casting your virtual actors.

Lionhead's Game The Movies - make your own Hollywood productions on the kitchentable

Click to enlarge: Select and dress your cast

Some guys have started to support the customization of all scenes and actors in the game, allowing us to virtually build our own back garden with our own dog as the main character. Their efforts in doing so have been written on their The Movies Workshop forum, which can be read here.

It still needs you to write a good story ;o)

For that I recommend using a pencil and paper...

See you in Hollywood!

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