Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Body Building

Ooops, no I am not starting a career in the sports school as a weight lifter.

This Blog's entry is about photography of the human body, and how the photographer decided to 'rebuilt' its appearance.

So, flesh and nude in a challenging pose. Questioning us again (see Humaterials) where the border is between the human being and animals / landscapes.

First, I'd like to introduce to you the recently buried photographer Bob Carlos Clarke.

About Carlos Clarke:

Within a few years Carlos Clarke was established as a first-call fashion, portrait and commercial photographer and as an auteur image-maker with a line in mysterious, imaginative and erotic monochrome photographs.

He has described sensual imagery in general as 'a delicate conspiracy between the imagination and the evidence'.
[source: http://www.picassomio.com/BobCarlosClarke/]

"Best tip in affordable contemporary erotic photography is Irish-born Bob Carlos Clarke. Both Maclean and Juliet Hacking, head of Christie's photography department, tip him as the new Helmut Newton (the German-Australian photographer... - The Observer, Sunday May 7, 2006.


Next, in line with Carlos is Paul Conroy. He has turned the human body into a landscape.

About Paul Conroy:

Emerging British photographer Paul Conroy's work can be seen as a crossover between traditional landscape photography and documentary photography. In a unique twist, the human form substitutes as the backdrop in the composition, creating a wholly original style. The result of this approach is sometimes sensual, often humorous and consistently intriguing.

Conroy has worked in film and television for most of his professional career.
[source: http://www.picassomio.com/PaulConroy/]

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