Monday, May 01, 2006

Welcome to SPACEPORT

All onboard, we are demonstrating our soon to be built Game: SPACEPORT.

In front of a jury of Game Industry Die-hards, our team has to live up to their expectations of viewing a mind-boggling, enticing environment on the computer screen.

Me, 'Operations Graphics', has collected some photos and architectural designs that would give our Game a futuristic look & feel.

First, I have strived for geometrical forms that repeat themselves over and over in the game environment. It does both look 'techie' and the computer is best at drawing these kind of shapes, therewith providing smooth transitions.

One grand example of geometric repetition is found in UAE Abu-Dhabi's airport lounge, shown below.

UAE Abu-Dhabi's airport lounge

Let's take this example as the central 'life-vein' of the Space station and use scalable vector graphics to represent this in a dynamic 'computer' environment.

SPACEPORT central area

Combined with the piece-by-piece change of color over a timeline (using Flash makes this 'Fountain of Light' sparkle:

Fountain of Light

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