Thursday, May 04, 2006

We are into SPACE


Once more I fought statistics, with my DareToBeDigital game developers team, and we are one of the four Scottish participants in this competition over the Summer (12 June - 18 August).

We had prepared our interview very thoroughly with a cool demo of our game SPACEPORT and accompanying t-shirts.

Here you can see us:

Team Lead

Game Engineer

Sound Designer

Artificial Intelligence

Visual Designer

Click to enlarge: SPACEPORT team members

This blessed event will start my blog's account on Game Development with a trace on 10 weeks of real-life experience in the making; reporting 'life' from the University of Abertay in Dundee.


SPACEPORT: Bringing people and parts into the near future.

Stay tuned... you might be playing later!

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Doerak said...

At last on may 8th I succeeded to get into the leave your comment. It is just another way now but I hope it will do in the near future. I brought already my congratulations for the results of you and your collegues!
Is there enough time to get through the other business of the Art Academy? I hope so. I keep following you in the near future.