Monday, March 05, 2007

Shinju the movie

At the College of Art, all students had to write and 'pitch' a film script in order to get selected and the film be produced. The competition has been fierce as most students showed excellent stories with impressive visuals. The jury consisted of three of our lecturers.

To cut a long story short, the script I have written is among the two winners and therefore it will be produced over the next three months.

SHINJU, meaning 'Pearls'

So what is it about?

Let me start by telling you that it tells a story about a young nurse fulfilling an old man's dream; to be reunited with his (passed away) Japanese wife. The nurse's name is aptly Valentine.

We meet Valentine on an island just off the coast, where people of high age are kept alive basically at the Shinju Life-Care Centre.

Without revealing the many intriguing story ups and downs, the introduction of bondage plays an important role in the ritual of dual love suicide.

With the support of a team of over 10 students and excellent actors this will be a eye-mazing visual experience that is not to be missed.

Date of delivery: 4th of June 2007

Stay tuned !

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