Saturday, March 10, 2007

Why tie...?

restrain = the trait of avoiding excesses, the quality of being inhibited
source: free (!) dictionary

A central theme in the upcoming movie 'Shinju' is restrain. Physical restrain - by means of tying the body with rope - is often the visual representation of the emotional wish to be limited of obligation.

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As performers of bondage acclaim, once restrained who cares what the world thinks, you are free!

As it being a fascinating ritual, I have looked up one of the film directors who has portrait this phenomenon of restraining the body: the Japanese Shunji Iwai.

Side Note: How playful that Shunji is so much alike Shinju (breast bondage).

Filmed in 1994, his film 'Undo' concerns a pair of bohemian Tokyoites: he's a struggling writer, she is slowly going insane, aided in part by the negligence of her boyfriend. She becomes possessed with the idea of tying things with twine and rope, leading eventually to tragedy.

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