Friday, March 16, 2007

Discovery in Photography

Today I handed-in my pictures for our elective (i.e. a week outside of the film department); Photography.

The theme is 'Confessions' and I have interpreted it as letting someone know something after he or she has discovered (the way to) this information.

For my pictures I made use of the human body as the canvas, whilst drawing with black marker on the skin.

Barcode - hidden numbers

Tie - hidden image

As you might have discovered, both a barcode and connect-the-dots are leading towards either a (barcoded) number or an image (e.g. a tie with flowers). Therefore revealing hidden information, confessing.

On Friday (today) is the judgement by the department of Photography in the Edinburgh College of Art, and I hope to win a prize. We will discover the outcome of their verdict soon ;o)

Stay tuned!

=== UPDATE - These pictures did indeed win this year's best pictures for the two week electives at the college. ===

NOTE: Don't try this at home, real laser light and lasting marks of black have been employed for these pictures.


Doerak said...

Incredible, what a result with the wonderful ideas on behalf of pictures developped by yourself!
When does the pricewinning stop!

Doerak said...

It must be your body, is it?