Monday, September 04, 2006

On the move

With a new year of studying ahead, I have decided to change rooms and move to a bigger flat. I share the flat with Chris, my fellow Edinburgh Movie Production Society (EMPS) board member. That allows us to have meetings... in the kitchen ;o)

Kitchen of my new flat

And here is the wonderful and sunny side of my room, including Dutch wooden shoes (clogs) that were a present from my two brothers, the Brave Hearts.

Willem's Room

We have to climb all the way to the fourth floor of Buccleuch Terrace, so after a climb or five with my cardboard boxes next is the shower..


And if nobody is answering our phone... we might well be occupied


For mail, send us a postcard at 1/9 Buccleuch Terrace, EH8 9NB Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

From our flat we have a wonderful view of last nights Edinburgh International Festival Fireworks!

Quoted from The Scotsman (see

The Firework Concert has been a regular fixture of the Edinburgh International Festival since 1981, establishing itself as a Festival favourite quicker and more definitely than possibly any other event.

There is no surprise as to the enduring popularity of the concert: Edinburgh's city centre lends itself peculiarly well to the pyrotechnic display. In fact, if you were going to design a city specifically for the purpose of a huge firework display, would it be possible to do much better than the incredible Castle skyline rising out of a natural, bowl-shaped amphitheatre?

The formula has changed a little over the years, but the simple, original concept has proven a winner - a classical music performance punctuated by the cracks and starbursts of fireworks overhead. In more recent years, the date of the concert has been shifted back, so that it now falls on the very last evening of the International Festival, providing a fitting end to the entire summer festivals calendar.

This year the Bank of Scotland Fireworks Concert takes place on Sunday September 3 at 9pm, with Garry Walker conducting the Scottish Chamber Orchestra performing excerpts from Provokiev's Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo & Juliet, courtesy

The logistics of the firework display always impress: it takes a team of people - 15 this year - several days to set up well over 150 firing sequences with up to 200 fireworks in each sequence, amounting to over 100,000 fireworks in total. When it goes off on Sunday night - the entire batch in 45 minutes - some four-and-a-half tonnes of explosive power create the biggest annual event of its kind in Europe.

Once more, fireworks artists Wilf Scott and Keith Webb are in charge of putting the display together, while competition winner Samantha Mackenzie, age 8 from Dunfermline, will press the button that launches the display.

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