Thursday, September 28, 2006

Horror and Thriller in a Cinema near You

The Story (by Germaine Gilbert, director):

It is a gothic horror movie in the style of the expressionist films of the 20's such as Nosferatu. It is set in 19th century. The central character is a professor of psychology and parapsychology. He has come from london to Edinburgh in order to study and disprove the existence of paranormal activity. He is told of a local legend involving a ruined 15th century chapel. They say that every time a person walks around the chapel whilst the church bells are ringing on a Sunday morning, you summon the devil himself. Intrigued he tries it out, only to conjure terrible phantoms from his past that he is desperate to forget.

The characters needed for this film are:

Friar Tuck

The Friar: Male, 25 + years old. The director is looking for someone with the right 'look'. A character face that could potentially look mad and terrifying.

This man rings a phantom bell inside the chapel in the hope that people will hear and come to worship once more. He is angry to see that the parish chooses to ignore this bell and as a result bitterness has decayed his mind.

The Girl: 15-21. A young lady who could pass for a 13-16 year old.

The girl is innocent but she has a seductive and sinister nature that leads the professor to commit great evil.

Academics (Several required): 17-25. Short hair. Preferred if without facial hair.

These are the bright young things of the scientific community. The professor meets with them in order to present to them the results of his research.


This Sunday I will audition for the role of Friar.... an order of the church considered lower in rank than a monk. Is it the age, or my spiritual believes that would make me a suitable candidate for this part? I don't know. At least I get a chance to scare the hell out of my audience ;o)

Speaking of which...

We have started the Freshers' Film project as part of the new membership program of the Edinburgh Movie Production Society (EMPS).

As a mentor for one of the five groups, our film genre will be horror cq thriller!

Film Genres and their main point of attention

So far we have come to the description of our Main Characters:


  • 30 years of age, poor, he can be charming.

  • His parents want him to study Economics.

  • He failed in the 2nd year, because he didn't care.

  • Worked in Tesco petrol station.

  • He is unemployed and angry, and he stole money from the station.

  • Jim looks dangerous, so girls like him, but employers don't go near him.

  • He plays football.

  • He has a bad temper on and off the pitch.

  • His rich family disowned him, because he was a Uni drop-out.

  • Only his big mad dog pays attention to him.

  • Jim likes his dog better than people.

  • He is bitter, since he was betrayed when he was younger.

  • With brown hair, a slight tall figure, brown eyes and a dark jacket, wearing old clothes with two ear-rings, Jim looks distinguished.

  • He likes mainly his own company, and spends a lot of time in a quiet pub.

  • The only one he respects is his older brother, but he is bitter because his brother doesn't like him.

  • Jim is selfish.


  • Suffers from a personality disorder, like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, two extremes.

  • She drugged her parents as part of her disorder.

  • We are unaware of her current mental state.

  • She is HOT, European.

  • Her age is between 18 and 19.

  • She has an illegal state and a foot fetish.

  • Eloise feeds her pet rat, named after her brother.

  • Her looks are a facade, she steals and commits credit-card fraud.

  • Her characters - Ella & Louise - drink doggy liquids.

  • There is still a lot unknown about her...

Hmmm... can you imagine a story coming out of this?

Next week we will describe the relationship between them and what happens to them that will make this Freshers' Film .... scary!!!!

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