Tuesday, September 19, 2006

1st Year Edinburgh College of Art Completed

1st Year Edinburgh College of Art Completed

After a long Summer at Dundee (Scotland) and a far more intense 1st year at the Edinburgh College of Art I am pleased to inform you that my resit for 'Drawing' has been successful.

To share the drawings I did over the Summer - besides the DareToBeDigital Computer Game Development Competition - please see them shown below.

Captain's Lodge on board the ship 'Discovery', Dundee

Dining Table on board the ship 'Discovery', Dundee

Colman's Mustard in one of the lodges onboard

Wooden Crates on the dock, Dundee

Red Lion on the fence at Standard Life, Edinburgh

Outside the Overgate Shopping Centre, Dundee

Red Staircase in Overgate Shopping Centre, Dundee

Red & Blue Train Bridge over the River Tay, Dundee

Bandstand on meadow near River Tay, Dundee

Red Door of Steeple Church, Dundee (colour pencil & black ink)

St Andrews Church next to Dundee Contemporary Art Centre

Steeple Church from outside (collage)

Steeple Church from inside (crayon on black paper)

Andre's Cafe, Dundee

Now that the first year has been completed, on 26th of September the second year starts.

As before I will keep you updated on another exciting student's year in Film & TV !

Stay tuned... don't go away ;o)


Doerak said...

How lucky you must be with the good result of the drawings!
Congratulations and again a good start for the second year.

WvanHeemstra said...

Thank you Emma!

It is due to the inspirational Scotland that I so like to draw sceneries. And apparently this has helped me to complete the first year successfully. Next year will have its focus on film and I will have to try and incorporate 'moving' images on my weblog. Exciting!

Best Wishes,


Vivi said...

Hey Dear willem!!!!
I like your drawing very much!and I miss you aswell :)