Thursday, April 06, 2006

Workshop of a Magician

With only one more day to go before the FunCare4Kids event in The Netherlands, where I will show my Magic Tricks to ca. 250 kids, I have prepared most of the give-away materials today.

See also What is FunCare4Kids [in Dutch].

In four workshops of half an hour each, 20 children - of whom a relative is suffering from cancer - are abouts to make a Magic Tophat, and learn several Magic Tricks... after they have eaten the Magic Cookie of Self-confidence.

One of the Magic Tricks is the Hanky (read: Magic Handkerchief) that frees itself from being tied to the Rope.

80 meters of rope
1 pair of scissors
2 roles of black tape
12 meters of red textiles cut to 40 cm x 40 cm
1 pack of rice
1/2 liter of water
1 cooking pan
electric heating

First, the 80 meters of rope had to be taped every one meter along the rope.

Click to enlarge: Rope

Click to enlarge: Tape around the rope

Click to enlarge: Rope cut through tape, thus leaving 80 one meter ropes with fixed endings

Next, the 80 hankies had luckily already been cut to the right size of 40 cm x 40 cm by the Edinburgh Textiles Shop.

Click to enlarge: Red Magic Hankies

NOTE: I have boiled water, cooked the rice at its boiling point and drained the water after 8 minutes. The rice leaves a sticky substance that I have run alongside of the Hankies, to stop the threads from coming off. A trick I learned at the Textiles Shop ;o)

And this is what the knotted Hanky looks like ... just before the Magic Spell that sets it free!

Click to enlarge: Knotted

In addition to the ropes and handkerchiefs, we will make silver thimbles disappear...

80 Silver Vanishing Thimbles

.. and to cast the Magic Spell we'll need our Wands or Giggle Sticks !

But the best fun will be of course making your own Magic Tophat... and eating your Cookie of Self-confidence ;o)

The performance of the Tricks is at the event on Saturday 8th of April in the Aviodome (Lelystad, The Netherlands) as Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) Management Class 27 is a sponsor. See and

...inside of a real Jumbo 747 airplane....!!!

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