Saturday, December 03, 2005

Light, Camera, ... Action

The moment we have all been waiting for had come...

At 7.00 am on a Saturday morning my alarm clock kindly reminded me of the fact that within a timespan of 20 minutes I had to transform from a student into a Banker, named 'John', the lead character of our first Edinburgh Movie Production.

So after a shower, shining gel in my hair, an ironed purple shirt with matching tie (see Yesterday's blog entry), and my dancing shoes I looked OK in my business suit. Daniel Pacey (Instructor), Chris Brooks (Director) and Joe Williamson (Co-Director) had already collected our video equipment and where soon followed by Vivian (Sound) and Sandy Wang (Camera).

Our first scene was at the Waverley Train Station, where we found out that without prior permission by the Station Manager we were not allowed to 'shoot' anything. And this person would not return before Monday... ;o(

After unsuccessful attempts at two other Stations, including Glasgow (by phone), we changed the Shooting Schedule to the scene at the Bank.


John, a well dressed businessman with a briefcase, locks the bank door and walks off down the street. He passes a bus stop, where some young men are fooling about.


This 'walk' took approximately the whole morning and early afternoon, interrupted by pouring rain. At least the exercise kept me warm and not many unwanted people passed through our view.

After a refreshing lunch we followed the next part of the story, shot within the shop of Joe's landlady.


John reaches the checkout.

That comes to three pounds ninety seven, Sir.

JOHN: (With exact money ready)
Thank you. There you are.

John exits the shop, neatly folding his newspaper.

Then the darkness set in, and for reasons of 'continuity' we had to call it a day...

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