Friday, December 02, 2005

Dome revisited

As promised, this next day on 'Drawing for Design' we have compiled side-views of our buildings.

For the Dome of Cards that comes down to the following image:

Side-view of Building, black represents ground, grey represents the walls (no inclusion of perspective, it is a technical means of communication).

In addition, I have lowered my digital camera into the Dome of Cards and these are the views one would get if a human being were the size of 1/10th of a playing card:

Looking towards the exit of the building.

Main Hall, the side room

Main Hall, the Giant Joker

Finally, I have painted one of the 'imaginary views' from the Dome, looking from the Main Hall facing one of the side windows.

A view from within the building.


Early sleep-in tonight, as on Saturday I will be 'a Banker, named John' in a short film of our Edinburgh Movie Production Society, for which I have bought a nice tie that goes with the grey suit.

Tie of a Banker

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Doerak said...

Up in your eldest brother 'banking'? The grey suit and new tie will do!
Just nice to keep you feeling that artists cannot wear only free time clothing. Emma