Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hello Logo

The first Term of my First Year Studies program at the Edinburgh College of Art has been completed. After weeks of drawing, painting, and the like all First Year students have been given a Christmas break to refuel and relax.

Time for updating you on the progress of the Logo design for the Association of Advertising Law (VvRr).

After the decision to continue with example III of my first design round, I compiled a color chart from which to choose an appropriate color combination that would suit the VvRr.

Color chart

They have chosen the gold and red logo (first column, fifth row). Onto defining the font ('Georgia', web-safe and found on most word-processors) and web-safe color codes, used when programming an HTML web page.

Color palette

Next, to facilitate communication by paper and in meetings I designed the following Business Card (front and back) and Letterhead.

Business Card - Front

Not showing all initials (the V is only partly shown) and shifting the background tag a little bit to the left, the design gains interest. The human brain is smart enough to figure out the combination of initials.

Business Card - back

Again, I have only partly shown the 'r' and on purpose mirrored the initials to enhance the idea of this being the back of the card. In addition I've darkened (put in bold) the word 'Reklame' (in English: Advertising) to decouple it from the word 'recht' (in English: law). It fits well within the dark area between the two curved shapes. The inverse 'vase'-like shape is a present given to me by pure coincidence.

Lastly, I've brought the logo to a paper heading with minimal changes, yet the lines border the same 'vase'-like shape where they meet the logo. Clarity and dimmed use of blacks is more pleasing to the eye as the content of the letter is more important than the letterhead.


I've sent my designs to the VvRr in anticipation of confirmation and improvements.

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