Thursday, January 11, 2007

Principles of Magic

For those of us who have seen the recent film about two rivalry Magicians the following division between three stages in a Magic trick performance will sound familiar.

In Act One: The Pledge shows the ordinary.

In Act Two: The Turn, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

In Act Three: The Prestige, the twist occurs and we see something shocking.

How funny to have discovered that film making also uses the 3 Act structure in their storytelling attempt.

Moreover, being a Magician myself we as the illustrive members of a secret society named The Magic Circle have developed Principles of Magic Tricks. In short, a principle is

When applied to a Magic Trick, each trick follows a certain principle. In addition, each trick has the 3 Act structure as mentioned at the beginning.

My attempt is to draw up a matrix that relates the Magic Trick Three Act to the Magic Trick Principles.

This is how it will look as a first listing... with more Principles to follow. But then again, I will now explain the Principles themselves. That's to be known to Magicians only, sorry.

PrincipleAct One:
The Pledge
Act Two:
The Turn
Act Three:
The Prestige
Principle of Restored RopeA rope is shown.The Rope is cut in halves.The rope is restored.
Principle ............

The beauty of these principles is that they can cover a wide range of applications. For example, I have performed the same Principle of Restored Rope with the electronic wire of an ironing apparatus....after I unplugged it from the power socket of course ;o)

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