Sunday, January 21, 2007

3 Person Dialogue

Welcome back to film course, with latest assignment; a 3-person dialogue.

We learn from this how to cover a conversation where more than two 'people' are speaking, useful for interview recordings in my future career.

To complete this assignment successfully I made use of Extra-terrestrial powers. Friends played a wedded couple that found some excitement with the inclusion of ... dare I say it... an ALIEN!

Below are the pictures of this short film about a Happy Birthday. Imagine yourself waking up the morning after and finding your 'present' at the breakfast table, a contented wife and a new breeded egg you've become the father of.

Husband waking up

Wife content with the usual 'morning after' sigaret

Green hand of ALIEN grabbing a banana

A new to-be-born alien, calling for its Daddy

Weird??? Yes indeed. But funny too, hopefully.

CLICK TO PLAY: This short film is here for you to watch.

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