Thursday, November 09, 2006


Augh... that hurts!

This morning early (1.00 AM !) I was acting as a henchman (= bad guy) for a film called A Fatal Murder. I had to approach the table of Detective RADAR in a bar and generaly make a fool of him. My boss, VAN HEEMSTRA (notice the inclusion of my family name in this movie), would want the girl VANESSA that was hiding underneath the table.

At the point of confrontation, RADAR would throw the table at me and my fellow bad guy. He would next hit me on the head with a (prepared) chair!

Chair fight as seen in Hitchcock's "The Man Who Knew Too Much"

In reality, RADAR managed to break the chair on my head, leaving me with bloodstains and a wrecked chair to the ground.... CUT! Yes, that was luckily all filmed in one go.

Head hurt

I would not have opted for a second take of my 'stunt'.

Sometimes reality creeps into film, and the scars remain with the actor. I hope VAN HEEMSTRA will deal with this detective to get even ;o)

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