Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Third Day of Induction at Edinburgh College of Art

Today is the Third Day of Induction with lectures on Visual Communication:

  • Photography

  • ECA Student Melanie Schullhammer, Germany

  • Film/TV

  • "Suspense is like a woman - the more left to the imagination, the more exitement."
    Alfred Hitchcock, Master of Suspense

  • Illustration

  • Graphic Design

  • Animation

  • ECA Student Selina Cobley

    THE MOMENT OF TRUTH, I have submitted my prioritized selection of subjects to study as Core:

    1 - Film/TV, without any doubt
    2 - Animation, see the difference?
    3 - Graphic Design... to face-lift my Weblog, right
    4 - Photography... where are they by the way?
    5 - Product Design... does that work for infants too ;o)

    Visit to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

    Here we saw quite some impressive work of Jannis Kounellis - Works 1958-2005 about subpression, war, and resistance (his father taking part in the resistance during the Second World War).

    Visit to the Dean Gallery

    "The marvellous is always beautiful, anything marvellous is beautiful, in fact only the marvellous is beautiful."
    Andre Breton, Surrealist

    This is when I could hardly walk any longer. So I hopped on the Bus and me and fellow Art student Kosho Nishimura eat out, a full plate of Nachos (from Japan... no, not the Nachos). I had to brush up my foreign languages anyhow.

    Film Nights - Wee Red Bar Wednesdays from 28th September

    Film Night - Wee Red Bar
    from Wednesday 28th September
    starting 5pm
    and then every Wednesday this term

    Open to all students and their friends

    Edinburgh Movie Production Society (EMPS) - The Meadows Bar Wednesday 28th September

    This evening I visited the Edinburgh Movie Production Society, part of the Edinburgh University. It was a surprise to see over thirty people being present at the first lecture about Script-writing. We gathered around in small groups and my group decided to write a short story about "Class". It is a story about an upper-class passenger having to sit in a standard class train cabin and what it does to him/her... or more interesting what it does to the standard-class passengers in the cabin. Interesting subject for a class-minded UK society.

    My group members are: Sam (who writes scripts), Joseph (who shoots around), Chris (who does animations), Sandy (who majors in film history), and Liz (who is off to New York). Then there is Filip from Poland, who says there is no such thing a class in Poland.

    We set out to write about 5 pages of script and meet next Wednesday at 8pm same place, I'll bring my DVD player and we are going to watch some of our home-made movies and get to the next step of our CLASS IC (=Inter City)!

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