Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fourth Day of Induction at Edinburgh College of Art

Today is the Fourth Day of Induction with lecture on Visual & Cultural Studies:

The Freshers Fair - Thursday 29th September

All day Thursday 29th September 2005
Wee Red Bar
Albertinas and outside

Loads of Freebies and useful Edinburgh Information
10am - 4pm

Afterwards I had lunch with Maya Hayashi who recommended me to watch the Japanese movie "Tokyo Story" by director Yasujiro Ozu.

Synopsis of the film Tokyo Story:

The Japanese family’s transformation by modern, Western culture formed the core theme of director Ozu's work, and this motif is crystallized in an exquisite, intimate story of alienation and reconciliation in TOKYO STORY. An aging couple, living in retirement in rural Japan, decide to visit their married children in the bustling metropolis of post-war Tokyo. But once they arrive, they find that the children no longer have room for them in their busy lives. Shuffling their parents back and forth between each of their houses the couple is eventually shipped off to a health spa.

Only the couple's daughter-in-law, widow of their son who died in the war, shows them any kindness. The parents return home lonely and disillusioned, and the mother soon falls sick. The children arrive too late, and have lost their chance to make any reconciliation. The patterns of movement, dialogue and nature combine with a scrupulous attention to character under Ozu’s masterful eye and create a subtle yet overwhelmingly emotional drama.

And I filled my plastic bag with materials I had purchased at the Student Shop such as erasers, pencils, a drawing book etc.

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