Thursday, August 09, 2007

Stick Meets Board

After trying to construct a methodology for storyboarding following a few well-defined steps AND having built a shared library of stick figures representing characters in a story we can now mix them in. Welcome Stick Figure, please enter the Storyboard!

So, to put things to work, here is an example picture which we will accept as being the main character in a heavy crime story ;o)

Alicia Keys as a bad girl

Now since we (the audience) will be at eye level with her, that is where to draw the red line (i.e. eye-line) and also the horizon leans a bit to the right bottom side.

Sketch phase of the storyboard with main character features shown through (blue) stick figure.

A good point to notice is that the fierce eye of Alicia (showing her emotion) is well placed at a crosspoint of the pink thin lines. This crosspoint - according to the rule of thirds - is a position in a picture that attracts us by nature.

See that apart from the character, the important item in the frame (i.e. the gun) is also part of the sketch phase. Make it a habit to sketch in blue lines. If we trace over them in the Ink phase (folowing) blue tends to 'hide' itself from our attention thus focusing on the Ink lines (in brown).

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