Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In Good Shape

This entry will discuss the 'shape' of human being, in particular the difference between the male and the female body. To speed up the drawing and communication of the intention in storyboards, which character is male and which is female, I try to simplify their body form by use of well-known geometric shapes.

The following comparison is one by opinion rather than by physics rule or law. In general, the female body mimics a 'pear' shape (or two stacked triangles), whereas the male body looks like an apple shape (or one pentagon).

Female body shape is that of a pear or two stacked pyramides.

Male body shape is that of an apple or pentagon (i.e. 5-star).

In conclusion, we could draw just the geometrical forms and provide enough visual cue to the viewer to distinguish between the two sexes.

Male and female figures in abstract form.

NOTE: The male shoulders are three heads wide, his hips two heads wide. The female shoulders are two heads wide, her hips three heads wide. The legs (3.5 heads high) of both genders are almost as long as the head and upper body (4 heads high). These are the biologically correct measures. Exageration might help to define their characteristics more, e.g. big male chest, slim female waist.

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