Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Reading Between the Lines

A Christmas break from my Film & TV course has allowed me to practise more 'drawing' of human anatomy. As discussed in an earlier entry of my blog (see Stickfigures), we can limit ourselves remarkably well to lines only when drawing a human figure.

Or in 3D we can use the same concept of the stickfigure.

Click to play: Free Your Mind - Plastic Man

In an attempt to come to re-usable 'skeletons' of stickfigures I have used my drawing pen to get a side view, a threequarter view, and a front view of just the essentials.

Side view3/4 viewFront view

The above images are replications from sketches by Andrew Loomis, redrawn in Adobe Flash software by myself.

With these bare lines I will be able to draw whichever human being, either small or tall, funny or fierce, fixed or in motion. Whoopie!

The simpler the lines, the easier to animate and the faster to storyboard. The effort should go into the facial expression and body language rather than hair colour or shoe size ;o)

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Doerak said...

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I think to start drawing in such an easy way. Never too old to learn!