Monday, October 16, 2006

Wiki University Film School - Story Board

The next step in making a film as we have started, called "Seduced by the Dark Side" is to breakdown the script in lines with numbers.(source

For example,

EXTERIOR - The local movie theater - NIGHT

(1) The Young Person and Old Person stand looking at the movie poster outside the theater.

(2) Young Person: "That was a great movie..."

(3) Young Person (contined): "but I do not understand one thing."

(4) Old Person: "What's that?"

(5) Young Person: "How can anyone be seduced by the Dark Side?"

(6) The old person thinks for a while.

(7) Old Person: "What computer do you have at home?"

(8) Young Person (eagerly): "A Macintosh!" (return)

(9) Old Person: "But what computer does your father use at work?"

(10) The young person thinks for a moment.

(11) Young Person (amazed and excited): "Seduced by the Dark Side!"

(12) The Old Person smiles.

(13) Old Person and the Young Person walk toward home together.

(14) Fade to Black.

The End

From here on we can start drawing tiny pictures of the numbered lines (scenes) that when put in sequence form the storyboard.

Position of the heads
    In simplest terms, a storyboard is just the location of the heads of the people in the scene. If you can clearly show the position, size, and expression of each person's head, most everything else is clear.

Body Optional

    The body of the actors can also be represented but not required. By drawing the body, you can show how each actor relates to the others in the scene.

The Lens is the Thing
    The relationship of the characters in the shot is not about acting but about the lens that will be used to film the scene. Draw the storyboard to show the relationship between the actors and you will also explain what lens is needed to capture this image.

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